Elnaz Seyedi Jessica Ekomane Jako Maron DJ Marfox Tisha Mukarji Maurice Louca

Tribute to Whistle

Sound installation for six 8-channel pieces for whistle

Politics needs emotional intelligence. How does it take shape?
In the sound installation tribute to whistle six musical pieces with their distinct subjectivities share a space to perpetually form a sociality as they overlap, intersect, collide and merge in different intensities. None of them is in full control, nor is there a timer synchronising them. While at moments silences occur between them – equally uncontrollable – at other moments the sound accumulates to a sudden density. Each piece unfolds a unique three-dimensionality in the space, as the ensemble of their eight speakers is arranged in a distinct way. Visually each ensemble can be traced by following the diverging cables. The dominant, often sole instrument of the pieces is the whistle.

Forty-eight speakers, six amplifiers, six audio players, speaker cables in different colours, scaffolding, lights

Musical contributions:

Jessica Ekomane
I. Off-shore (Largo – Allegro – Allegretto) (2019)
a) moderato, 1:56 min. b) vivace, 0:47 min. c) duet, 0:32 min. d) Calling all, this is our last cry before our eternal silence, 1:27 min.

II. Message to the Youth (2019), 2:48 min.

Maurice Louca
no title (2019), 8:44 min.

DJ Marfox
Ring Ring (2019), 6:46 min., produced by DJ Marfox, additional production and mastering by DJ N.K.

Jako Maron
Léspwar saviré (part 1 & part 2) (2019), 9:36 min.

Tisha Mukarji
Petra-pan for 4 tin whistles, blackbird whistle, Birkhahn, lark whistle, nose flute, clarinet and piano (2019), 9:30 min., performed by Kai Fagaschinski and Ute Wassermann

Elnaz Seyedi
awakening (2018–19), 7:00 min., whistles: Rie Watanabe